Friday, January 4, 2008

Tangible Love

(Originally posted at Confession Of A CF Husband)

In the middle of all this, as I walk the halls of this hospital, seeing people in mourning, pain and stress, overhearing bits of conversations between nurses and doctors and patients and families, I cannot imagine even attempting to go through what we are going through without both God and the people who are surrounding us who also believe in and know Him in a personal way.

We have a hope that cannot be explained or understood in this world alone...a hope that, no matter what happens to my wife and unborn daughter, it will be the best for each of them because God has them exactly where He wants them.

If they both survive the next few days, then weeks, then months, I will have much to be thankful for. And, if either or both of them do not live through this, I know that they will be in Heaven at the feet of a very real God, and that one day I will see them again, and that is truly the greatest joy. I can't imagine not having that hope.

I believe these things to be absolute truth beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don't simply believe that there is a God...I know that He is alive and working in our lives with love and mercy.

You all have been praying for us, and we have felt and seen your prayers in a powerful and real way. Tonight, I will be praying for you. I will pray that you not are not only "touched" by our story, but that you see it for what it really is...simply a small part of the Story of God.

If you already have a real faith in Him, I pray that your faith will be strengthened by our part of the Story and that you will realize your part of the Story can be just as powerful and world-reaching as ours is becoming.

If you do not have a real faith in God, I pray that you will see the truth in our story that goes beyond miracles and faith and compassion...that you will see this as pure evidence, no matter the outcome, of God's desire for you to know Him in a very real and tangible way.

And, I will pray that one day, we can take all of the blessings that you are giving to us and give them back to you and others twofold. We have beautiful friends, Jordan and Patience Leino, who went through something very similar to what we're going through not even a year ago. I have always believed that, if we allow Him, God never wastes a hurt, and that He will always use a painful experience to bless others going through similar experiences. Jordan and Patience (and all of those who have discovered us through them) have been blessing us in that way, and I believe that one day, we will have the opportunity to do the same.




Anonymous said...

Praying for Tricia, the sweet baby and you that God will renew your strength as the head of your family and grant your wife peaceful sleep and rest. I believe Lord help my unbelief!

Emily said...

Praise be to Our God for shining through you in this current storm. As the mother of a beautiful baby girl who is safe in the arms of Jesus, and likely dancing the night away, I want to encourage you and confirm that your faith is a solid rock. And your God is one who will see you through every single moment to come. Every single one. You are blessed.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!