Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Blitz

> Yesterday was definitely one of the most charged worship gatherings in my 3+ years at Nags Head Church. People came worshipping to church, which is always the best way to come! With seven songs, offering, prayer, and a great message, we gave them plenty of opportunity to worship in freedom.

> Pastor Steve was filling in with the message this Sunday, continuing our series on the church, talking about tapping into the power of God by making worship personal.

> Our kids and adult leaders are getting settled into their new Kids Zone. After working out a few kinks from last Sunday, I was told things were running smoothly this week. Nothing but great reports on their new space from the kids and adults!

> Great to see some of our former church partners (members) who have moved away walk in unexpectedly at the beginning of our first gathering! I miss their presence in worship every week!

> The band nearly missed our cue to come back on stage during the second gathering...we were too busy having fun in the green room...this week, I install a new speaker so that we can listen in and not be late.

> Speaking of...NHC hosted The Green Room this past Friday. About 8 churches represented by nearly 50 people. If you missed it, you really did!

> We also hosted The Call, a student leadership conference in it's 8th year. Our youth band, Contagious, led worship while Andy taught.

> After our second gathering, I led a meeting of our Ministry Team Leaders. Lots of laughs and excitement as we discussed the Kidz Zone and other exciting things coming down the pike.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Blitz

> We officially moved into our new Kids Zone this past week! Two huge rooms for our elementary and preschool age kids. The adults cheered them on as they walked from their old rooms to their new rooms...awesome!

> Andy followed Tom with another great message, filling in for our lead pastor who is on a 3 month sabbatical. The teaching has not been lacking the past few weeks, for sure!

> With our other pastors filling in, we have a big more time during our gatherings for some other elements, including more singing/music. The band is not complaining.

> The new Kids Zone affects many of our other ministry teams, but everyone seemed to make the transition this Sunday without a hitch. Well done!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Contagious Faith

Two students began their relationship with God last night after watching these students share their stories.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Blitz!

Our lead pastor is on a three month sabbatical, so I'm committing to write my Sunday Blitz every Sunday while he's gone to replace his weekly "Sunday Flashback" posts.

> Pastor Tom kicked off a new, seven-week series today by asking the question, "How Big Is Our God?" Tom did a great job!

> Will this be the last Sunday that our Kidmo (elementary) kids meet in our office space? The rumor is we should receive our occupancy permit for our new Kid's Zone by the end of this week!

> The band did something a little different today...we combined Chris Tomlin's "How Great Is Our God" with Hillsong United's "Hallelujah (Our God Reigns)" with the classic hymn "How Great Thou Art" to give people an extended opportunity to respond to Tom's Big question.

> Awesome to know that our team leaders can take a break every now and then and their teams carry on at high gear!

> We announced this week that Nags Head Church is a satellite host site for a Beth Moore simulcast conference in April. I'm sure the ladies will have a great time.

> Looking forward to teaching my worship class next Saturday! Looks like I have about 8 people signed up.

> Pray for our students tonight during their outreach night. The Contagious band has learned a new song specifically for tonight, and three of our students will be sharing their stories of Christ on the big screen.

> My Prediction - Colts 31, Saints 24