Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Blitz

> Yesterday was definitely one of the most charged worship gatherings in my 3+ years at Nags Head Church. People came worshipping to church, which is always the best way to come! With seven songs, offering, prayer, and a great message, we gave them plenty of opportunity to worship in freedom.

> Pastor Steve was filling in with the message this Sunday, continuing our series on the church, talking about tapping into the power of God by making worship personal.

> Our kids and adult leaders are getting settled into their new Kids Zone. After working out a few kinks from last Sunday, I was told things were running smoothly this week. Nothing but great reports on their new space from the kids and adults!

> Great to see some of our former church partners (members) who have moved away walk in unexpectedly at the beginning of our first gathering! I miss their presence in worship every week!

> The band nearly missed our cue to come back on stage during the second gathering...we were too busy having fun in the green room...this week, I install a new speaker so that we can listen in and not be late.

> Speaking of...NHC hosted The Green Room this past Friday. About 8 churches represented by nearly 50 people. If you missed it, you really did!

> We also hosted The Call, a student leadership conference in it's 8th year. Our youth band, Contagious, led worship while Andy taught.

> After our second gathering, I led a meeting of our Ministry Team Leaders. Lots of laughs and excitement as we discussed the Kidz Zone and other exciting things coming down the pike.


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