Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunday Blitz

> Our pastors are continuing to do a great job teaching! Burnie did an amazing job of sharing the purpose of our connection groups this Sunday. I hear that several people talked with him and used communication cards to show their first-time interest in joining a group. That's awesome!

> Our Kids Zone teams are also doing an amazing job transitioning to their new space. Especially considering that their team leader is out for a while on maternity leave. She's done such a great job with her team, you wouldn't even realize she's gone (that's a huge compliment)!

> Our time of musical/singing worship continues to be fresh and new over the past several weeks. We've tweaked a few things in our worship gatherings, which is giving us more freedom and more time to sing our praises to God, and people are responding!

> I had a great Discovering Worship class this past Saturday! Lot's of great discussion and lots of good feedback. Excited to see people hungry to learn more about God and worship!

> F1RST Wednesday last night was amazing. I'll be posting more about that ASAP!

> Looking forward to hearing Andy and Steve tag-team the message this Sunday. I've got a video to edit for them, so I'm saying "adios!"


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