Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Blitz

> It was very evident that the time change snuck up on people this Sunday. The 11am gathering was probably twice as busy as 9am. I'm guessing that people either forgot until after the woke up, or they just decided to catch up on the lost hour of sleep and come at 11. Not that it really had any impact on 9am...the people who were there came ready to worship!

> After Andy and Steve did a great job tag-teaming last Sunday, Tom spoke with us this week about "serving" God and others in ministry. Ministry is worship. Ministry should be fun and bring us success and satisfaction. Every believer has a place in serving the church.

> the MP13 Band has been learning a bunch of new songs lately. We introduced "Send Me Out" by Fee last Sunday, and "With Everything" by Hillsong this week. Look for both songs this coming Sunday to help us worship during our annual missions fair.

> I've been busy the past few weeks. I led our teaching time at F1RST Wednesday two weeks ago, and Andy and I taught our Discovering Nags Head Church CLASS this past Saturday. Both went very well!

> Congrats to Mike (our First Impressions team leader) and Tina (our Kids Zone team leader) on the birth of their second child and first boy. They'll both be taking some time off from ministry, but I'm guessing with the great job they do coaching their teams, ministry will cary on as with excellence.

> Good Friday and Easter are quickly approaching. It's a busy time for NHC...along with F1RST Wednesday we'll be offering 5 worship gatherings in the span of 5 days during that first week of April. Lots of opportunities to reach people to discover life in Christ!

> Go DUKE!


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