Thursday, October 23, 2008

(Bump) ZAP!

The video was pulled from the original site, but I just found it on youtube and thought it deserved a bump!

Where to really have to wonder if this was a serious thing or meant to be a complete farce.



jackie said...

That is hilarious! I definitely think it was real. I'm guessing those people don't look at this performance as a highlight of their careers! The bigger guy with the comb-over in the back with the background singers is just priceless :)

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Priceless..that's a great word for it! I do believe Amazing is the word that came to my mind, I imediately posted it on facebook and sent it in message form to those friends who would love it as much as the hubby and I did!!

Rick Lawrenson said...

How that impacted my life!

1. The styles indicate this was around 1980.

2. The guitar, bass player and drummer are actually the fathers of the three guys in the "Free" commercials. Check it out. You can't miss the resemblance.

3. I had to watch it twice. The first time the visual impact was so strong I couldn't pay attention to the words. The second time I tried to listen to the message and got zapped.

4. Actually the musicians aren't bad. The background singers are just eye candy.

5. Geographically I'd say either New Jersey or Philadelphia. Possibly Nebraska, though if it was done in the last ten years.

MilePost13 said...

sorry the video was removed...'cause it was awesome! I'll leave the post up anyway...