Saturday, December 13, 2008


Why is it that so many worship leaders and pastors believe that it's only a successful worship service if every person is able to sing with every note of every song?

I used to fall into this trap as well, believing that it was my job to make sure that everyone attending was able to participate in everything we did on Sunday mornings, but I now realize that it's an impossible expectation that forces way too many church leaders to experience way too much frustration.

What say ye?

More to come on this subject.



TerryKM said...

A church I was at had that problem. It made introducing new songs extremely difficult.

Rick Lawrenson said...

If you're not being "inclusive" then are you being "exclusive"?

RHEA said...
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Eric said...

As someone who is convinced that the job of the worship band is to back up and provide support for the congregation, I'm curious to hear your reasoning. I'm looking forward to your followup articles.

Thom said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. I assume that I know what you mean.. You find a really great worship song and its all like 'the key is too difficult (for the average fellow)' or 'its too comlicated, they'll have a tough time singing along.'


So what.

You dont change your sermon becuase 'its too challenging' or 'the average person is uncomfortable talking about that.'


>Is there a message?
>Is it understandable?
>Is it attainable?
>Does it glorify Christ?

should ever song be a moraih carey special? -no. people like to sing songs and they like to not pass out trying to sing along.

But that doesnt mean that there is no place for a more complicated song here and there, now and then.


Thom said...

oh, BTW, this is not an issue of inclusive or exclusive. If you want to go there, you would also have to address music style preference, volume tolerance, etc, etc.

By getting up there and leading folks in worship, not limiting your worship to a music style or level of difficulty, and not limiting your outreach by race or gender or other, is being inclusive.

Thom said...

sorry, one more.

that being said, you are a purpose driven church. So your music ministry must be in alignment with that purpose. if cookie cutter sing-songy songs meet that purpose where the alternative does not, then thats that. I've been there. if things are starting to feel stale (from a completely personal standpoint), my advice would be to get out and moonlight a different venue.