Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This past Sunday at NHC was a very impacting day for many in who were there. Our pastor/my father shared a very personal story - which I can remember bits and pieces of because I was about 5-9 years old at the time - about going through a very long and dry desert in his life. We decided to use the Third Day song, "Revelation" from their latest album of the same name, and the sermon and the song together really seemed to hit home for many people.

If you feel like you're going through a desert and aren't sure what God is trying to do in your life right now, I'd encourage you to listen to the Podcast (on NHC's Podcast Page or on iTunes). And, here is a rough recording of "Revelation" from our 9am worship gathering.



Paul and Christy said...

That was an awesome sermon. I listened to it last night on the podcast. I think we have all found ourselves in that place. I will be playing it for my honey this weekend when he gets home. We spent a lot of last year in the desert. Love the song. You all did an awesome job sharing it. I had hoped it would be on the podcast last night and then you posted it today. Thanks!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Buddy and Bonnie nailed their solos. Awesome song. It put me over the edge in the first gathering. So I knew what to expect the next go around.

erik said...

Wowsers. Thanks for the confirmation and "God-kiss." After struggling to put together a worship set for this week I stumbled onto Revelation and our worship team is using this tune this weekend.

CFHusband said...


Glad we could help...let us know how it goes!

We decided to use 3D's live version (the studio version doesn't have the jam session at the end) to listen to, and then kind of created our own arrangement sticking with just the piano and acoustic guitar through verse 1 and chorus 1 and by holding off on the drums, bass and electric until verse two, AND adding an extra chorus near the end so that we could drop everything out and then build it back in.

We're actually doing the song again this Sunday, but sticking a little closer the 3D's arrangement than we did last Sunday.