Monday, April 13, 2009

How Was Your Easter?

Our Easter gatherings were awesome! We added a 7am gathering to try and avoid having to use our overflow during the 9 and 11am worked! around 100 people came out to worship with us at 7, and, oddly enough, of all three gatherings that morning, they had more energy and seemed more engaged than the 9 or 11 gathering.

The Worship Choir joined us at 9am and 11am, singing "Today Is The Day" "Praise The King" and "Overcome". It's so great to have them on stage, adding their voices and energy to our musical worship!

Around 600 people total in attendance, which is our biggest single day crowd ever at NHC. Add in the 100 people from Good Friday, and it was a huge weekend. I don't know exact numbers yet, but I do know that a few began their relationship with Christ for the first time! Here's hoping some of our guests will be back next week!

Our "volunteers", especially those who were willing and able to give extra time and energy this week/weekend deserve all of the human credit...we have the best people in the world at NHC!

How was your Easter Weekend?


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