Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Blitz

> July continues to be the big month for us at NHC...we have been packed every Sunday. One of my favorite things about the summer is meeting new guests and seeing the familiar faces of people who vacation here every year.

> Not to mention the tons of new local guests who are checking us so encouraging to see local people who are still seeking come back for a second and third time.

> Speaking of...yesterday's message was all about having a relationship with's hoping our guests were hearing it.

> We're into the story of the ten commandments in our journey with the life of Moses...a timely message about relationships vs. rules this Sunday, and we're taking the next four Sundays to talk about what holiness looks like.

> Word is that one of our kids rooms was full to capacity no less than 10 minutes before one of our worship gatherings began...the space upstairs is getting closer and closer to being done, which should eliminate that problem, for now...

> Check out my dad's blog for a cool story from Sunday...

> Been working with our new youth band on Sunday afternoons...they've got one song nailed and will start working on another one this week...amazing some of the talent these kids have so early on.

> This week is crazy busy for me...I have two big projects to complete, and I'm leading worship (with the band) every morning and Friday evening for Impact Outer Banks. Gotta run and get some stuff taken care of now...

Rock on!


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