Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fun Theory

Ministry should be fun. Maybe every single second isn't a party, but in general, I should find joy in serving my church.

If you're a ministry leader, ask yourselves these questions:

“Do people on my ministry team love serving, in part, because we have fun?”

“What am I doing as a team leader to make our ministry team fun?”

“Can I identify any menial, boring, difficult or frustrating things about our ministry team that need to be eliminated or re-evaluated?

“Is there anyone on my team who is not enjoying their can I help this person rediscover the joy of serving others?”

By definition, serving others should be a joyful, fun experience. If it's not, there's something wrong...


1 comment:

Andy Lawrenson said...

We had Fudge Fest 2009 in our pre-game meeting Sunday night before Contagious Youth. That was fun! next month we are having a team meeting over buffalo wings at South Beach Grille, that will be fun.

Fun is important!! I like fun.