Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Song Repertoire Equation

I was talking with a friend the other day who has recently taken over leading her church's worship team. She was asking for a few quick tips on song selection. I was sharing some of my suggestions I've written previously about Repertoire, when I realized that I'd basically come up with a simple song repertoire equation that works well for most churches.

# of songs your band uses on average per week x (times) 10 = # of songs in your band's repertoire

For example, our church band uses about 6 songs per week on average, which means our repertoire should have about 60 songs in our repertoire at any given time. 60 songs gives us just the right number of songs...not too many so that we're forgetting how to play songs, and not too few that we're getting tired of playing songs over and over.

You may need to adjust the second number slightly up or down to fit your church, but in general, I'd suggest that this equation will work well for just about any church band. You can thank me later.


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