Monday, March 28, 2011

God Makes No Mistakes

Yesterday at Nags Head Church, we talked about humanity as God's creation. In doing so, we decided to contrast Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" with Gungor's "Beautiful Things" to illustrate the huge (yet deceptive) difference between how God's Word and the beliefs of society. We sang an acoustic version of "Born This Way" (similar to This Video), and then invited our church to pay close attention to the difference as we sang "Beautiful Things".

Based on the feedback, I would say it was incredibly effective, and certainly surprising to the parents and grandparents who had no idea their kids had already been introduced to "Born This Way".

Below are the two songs mentioned above. I have to warn you that "Born This Way" is a little disturbing to watch (close your eyes and listen if nothing else), but I believe it is something that we need to see and hear to understand how desperately our world needs the Truth of Jesus. Pay close attention to the way Lady Gaga mixes Biblical Truth ("God makes no mistakes") with untruth ("There ain't no other way").



Andy Lawrenson said...

I found the Born this Way video more than a little disturbing to watch.

I certainly enjoyed Beutiful Things. We need to get some bells!

Neetz said...

I love the song Beautiful things... but like Andy (comment above) said... I found Lady Gagas video extremely disturbing. And very weird!

Allison said...

Sunday was the first time I had even heard of this song and I've just now watched the video. I think I can honestly say it is the most vulgar video I've ever seen....the words and the graphics. I'm thankful we have not had cable tv for 2 years and we rarely (if ever) turn on the radio. I so appreciate how it was introduced to us on is definitely something we should know is out there and we need to know the affects it has on our kids. I know I sometimes think my young children will not be able to understand the words in songs like these so they are "safe".....we underestimate them....they are influenced by more than I realize sometimes. I think we'll stick with Dora and Diego and Boz the Bear!