Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday Blitz

> Lots of fun! The band was right on with everything, and the church really seemed ready to worship from the start. It's so much more fun when all we have to do is get the ball rolling and then get out of the way.

> The message was dead on, especially for a few members of our band who are being faced with some self-control temptations in the form of teenage kids. :D

> It was a special day for my family, as my wife and I dedicated ourselves to raising our daughter, Gwyneth in a house centered on God. Both of our families stood beside us in front of the church, and the entire church body stood with us, all to say that they are supporting us over the next several years. I still can't figure out how anyone can do this Christ-following thing without a loving church family to walk along with.

> Our new stage lights are adding a lot to the atmosphere of our space. They're pretty basic at this point, and we'll be adding more later, but just about anything was an improvement from not having any lighting on the stage.

> I changed up our announcement graphics after having them look the same for over a year. We don't spend much time during our worship gatherings with announcements, so we have an announcement loop that runs before and after. I've read that people tend to stop looking at things like that after about 2-3 weeks UNLESS you give them something new to look at (and by new, I mean more than text). Here's a sample...

> The MilePost13 Band is working on a few new songs that are really solid. I can't wait to introduce them to everyone. I love how our church totally embraces everything we bring to them.

> Last week was a busy week for my first full week back at work, so I'm looking forward to a little more relaxing week this week, including the extra day off for Independence Day!



melissa said...

What new songs are you introducing? Just curious.

Apple said...

Noticed the new slides and meant to comment...they're great! Perfect colors and thought the graphics were perfect.