Thursday, September 25, 2008

(Bump) Album Review: Lincoln Brewster's "Today Is The Day"

I'm bumping this because the album was publicly released in the US this week...

So, because I'm such a good looking guy, Integrity Music decided to send me a copy of Lincoln Brewster's new album, Today Is The Day more than a month ahead of it's street release (9.23.08)! Actually, it had nothing to do with my good looks...I just said that to make myself feel good.

Anyway, I have been anticipating this album for a while. Considering the fact that our church has used no less than seven songs from LB's All To You...Live album, I was very hopeful that there would be a lot of great new stuff for us to use with this new album. For good or bad, I can't help but listen to new music with my worship leader filter, looking for new stuff to use for corporate worship.

The bad news...having listened to the album for a few weeks now, there are only three songs that we may use for congregational worship. Yes, three songs from one album is a great find, but not quite as great as what I had (of course, unfairly) expected from LB.

The good news...this is a great album. All To You was a decidedly "rock" album. Today Is The Day is much more musically diverse, featuring LB's song-writing and guitar-playing skills in a much broader way. Here's a track by track review...

"Today Is The Day", the title track (the only single currently available on iTunes), opens the album with LB's familiar pop/rock style. This is one that we will probably be using (pay attention MP13!). A fun, high energy song about living today for God.

"Everywhere I Go" is another song that sounds very much like it could belong with LB's las album. Although I'm tempted to give this one a shot at church, it's a little to wordy in the chorus for many people to keep up with.

"Give Him Praise" features Israel Houghton. Great, tight song with a black gospel feel. I wish Israel's voice and crazy bass skills were more utilized, but LB did not ask me to produce this one...

"God You Reign" is one of the other songs that I think we'll be using. A low key and fairly simple song about the creative wonders of God. Our worship choir could make this one sound most excellent.

"The Arms Of My Savior" is one of the more bluesy songs on the album, both lyrically and musically. Probably one of my least sounds more like a "filler" than anything else.

"This Love" totally sounds like a John Mayer song from beginning to end. A simple song about the love of God, this would be a cool song to try sometime, but not something that we'll probably do.

"The Power Of Your Name" is a very strong song featuring Darlene Zschech. This one probably has more depth than any other song on the album, as it addresses social issues. There's a good chance that we'll use this song at some point as well.

"The Love Of God" sounds like another filler to me. The only solid acoustic song on the album, while it is a very pretty song to listen to, it just doesn't do it for me lyrically.

"Salvation Is Here" is a cover of the Hillsong United song made famous a few years ago. One thing LB does well is high energy, electric guitar driven covers, and this is no exception. A great song in it's own write, LB takes it up a notch with his great electric riffs.

"Let Your Glory Shine" is definitely the most interesting song on the album. Not much there as far as lyrics, it's mostly just a good opportunity for LB to showcase his guitar skills (which is cool with me). This would be a fun song to play sometime, but maybe nothing more than that.

My only wish is that Lincoln would right, lyrically, with a little more substance. Many of LB's songs are very similar, lyrically, and there are only a few songs here that really set themselves apart from the rest of the worship album genre.

But, all in all, I am happy with the album. It's got enough of what you'd expect from LB, while offering some different stuff as well to keep it interesting.


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