Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Blitz

> Introduced "All Because Of Jesus" (the Fee version)...great song that grew on me the more I listened to it. I think our church was digging it!

> The first Sunday of the month is always the most draining for me, as we remember Communion the first Sunday night of the month. I love leading worship, and especially enjoy the more intimate time of worship that usually happens on Sunday nights (and last night was most excellent), but it's just really tiring. But, Sunday nights are no more (for the time being) as we'll be launching First Wednesday next month.

> Our first Worship Choir practice in a year happens this Wednesday night! I'm super excited about introducing two new songs to the church with the help of the choir..."God You Reign" (which I'm listening to right now) and "Today Is The Day" by Lincoln Brewster! We picked up about five new members, which rocks!

> The New Chris Tomlin CD is out, and I'm fairly satisfied (not that CT cares much about my satisfaction level). Look for my review later this week.

> 40 Days of Prayer is going great, with well over 75% of our church body praying for at least 15 minutes every day! I'm expecting great things to come from these 40 days, especially as we prepare for 40 Days of Purpose beginning in October.

> Although I hate the end of summer (because I HATE winter), it was nice to watch some football this weekend.

> I'm also stoked about our new Sunday Series, "Radical Generosity". I'm specifically praying for God to open up at least two opportunities for my family to show some radical generosity to others this month.

> Very thankful that Hanna did not 'cause any issues for our community this weekend. Praying hardcore for those who have been and will be affected by Ike...

That's all for now!



Kimberly said...

I for 1 would really like to hear more on the radical generosity thing - a primer of sorts - if you have the time and care to indulge me :o)

BTW, digging the football this weekend as well. Did you see the brady knee play?? good grief!! the man that hit him later said he heard the crack of the ACL tearing and brady screamed out so he knew it wasn't good - i'm sure he feels terrible about it being him that hit him, but it was a clean hit, just misfortune at that particular angle -- could tell it was bad as soon as they replayed it and saw the angle he hit him at - I lost my ACL - that's a horrible, horrible *bam* pain! I don't blame him for hollerin!

thank goodness my daddy raised me a tomboy :o) what else would I do on long cold weekends when it's too nasty to be outside!

warbird2010 said...

I don't exactly look forward to winter, but I put my Christmas lights on the house usually the first saturday after Halloween, and we have five trees in the house, so maybe I'm a fanatic . . .
you CAN look forward to fall. Think of your first cool night to take a walk around your neighborhood, and hold your wife's warm hand ( when she's up to it ). I look forward to that first walk of fall with my Mrs. .

wishing you all well, and Gwyneth is getting so big! Tears of Joy each time I read the CF blog!

Jim Cox SW MO