Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Annual Christmas Music Post

Christianity Today just reviewed 20 new Christmas albums releases (Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2008). I scanned it over, and while I doubt I'll purchase any of the full albums, I may be checking out a few of the individual songs they mentioned.

Anyway, I figured, this was a good time to get the Christmas posts up and rolling again..

Once again, I can't encourage you strongly enough to purchase MercyMe's "The Christmas Sessions" (especially since it's only $7.99 on iTunes). By far, the best Christmas album produced in a long time (Click Here to read what I had to say about the album last year).

We've been doing most of the same Christmas music for the past few years (which is mostly fine with us, since it's only for about 5 weeks every year), and we're looking for some new fresh stuff to add to what we've already got. I'm searching for either new arangements of old favorites or new Christmas songs. My wife was hunting on iTunes for me this past week, looking for something you have any suggestions?

I'll be sure to post about anything new (and good) that I find. And, look for some bumped Christmas posts from last year...looking back, I must say, I had a lot of interesting things to say and post about this time last year.



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