Friday, November 21, 2008


I've officially asked that the editors at remove my name from their list of contributors on their blog.

I have observed several posts recently that have little to nothing to do with the purpose of, which I find confusing but inconsequential. But, This Post is what has really made me think long and hard about my association with, and I have decided that I no longer wish to be associated with an organization that deems that post suitable content (which basically means, I find that post, among others, to be incredibly off-base and completely contradictory to many things that I believe fundamental to true, Biblical worship).

I only post this because I have mentioned my involvement with on this blog, and I don't want anyone to continue to believe that I endorse everything that is communicated at

Thanks...back to your regularly scheduled program.



TerryKM said...

Hmmm. . .

The post you linked sounded rather "King James only-ish" to me (guilt ridden, circular reasoning, where the premise and conclusion are flawed).

Kimberly said...

wow, how sad that service would be... I mean a joyful noise is where it's at for me - that is the fastest way for me to connect with the Holy Spirit and truly block out everything else for my time just flat out worshipping the Father without distraction... the post linked was pretty puratinical in its reasoning.. I just couldn't quite grasp why all things, what grandma likes, what mama likes and what babies like, couldn't be integrated and shared.. all that 'devil's music' talk -- just a turn off all the way around to folks

brunettekoala said...

I understand where that person is coming from in a way, some of the stuff he has said I actually agree with, but the way they described that practically working out seemed kind of, well, silly and not well thought through.

Let's not diss everything that guy has said because he has said things we don't agree with. That makes us no better, and also is part of what creates disunity - focusing on differences and bad points rather than the things we agree on and the good points.

MilePost13 said...

The problem I have with the guy who wrote that article is that he takes such a hardnosed approach. I can appreciate somebody who says, "This is the way I like things, but it's OK if you like them different" when it comes to the gray areas of our faith...but, he's basically said, "this is what the Bible says, and if you disagree, you're wrong."

I agree that some (meaning, a very little) of what he says is good and true...the problem is, that would be hard for most people to see because of his "my way or the highway" approach.

And, that is what I can't endorse.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, I think you are right not to endorse it. But I think we have to be careful too - specks and planks in our eyes.

My goodness, I've turned into a cliche...!

Thom said...

he gave himself away right in the beginning... He was a drummer for a church 'band' and had a moment when he questioned his reasons for playing the drums (to please God, or to please man). He stepped down; and is now imparting his new found wisdom to all who will hear.

I would agree with the guilt ridden statement. As far as the hardnosed part, well Im not sure at what level of authority he is bringing this info, but I always look at anything as someone's opinion no matter they may put it into words.

I must say, however, that it is people like this and opinions like this help us to not get to far ahead of ourselves. It should not cause us to retaliate with statements like, "what a moron," but rather should invoke within us a self re-examination. He really believes what he wrote; that ought to be worth a little something. He is a child of God; that ought to count for something as well.

There are a lot things that he said that really made me think and I really appreciate his post because of that.

NOW, as far as association, well.. that up to you my friend.. but there are plenty of associations to which we all belong that are full of reasons to pull out (as in other people with radical views and hardnosed opinions), correct?

peace to you friend.