Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Blitz

I haven't done a Sunday Blitz in a long time...time to get back into it, I think...

> Today was Family Day at Nags Head Church, as we celebrated family with our favorite moms.

> We opened our worship gatherings today with about 13 minutes of KidMo, giving our adults a taste of what our elementary age kids do every week...Matt and Alex did a great job leading the kids, and it was sweet to see many of the adults joining in on the high energy songs and activities.

> Our youth and children's pastor, Andy preached today...a sermon about parenting that fit perfectly with my small group's discussion from this past week.

> We always do a parent/child dedication (ask me why we don't call it a "baby dedication") on Mother's Day, and today was definitely our biggest dedication ever, with over a dozen families committing to model Christ to their kids.

> We hosted a college student this weekend...Matt may come intern for Andy and I over the summer...pray that we can find him a good host family to live with if we do make the decision to bring him on with us.

> Hukilau Surf Camps are open for registration! Kahuna Steve is actually traveling down to Florida in a few weeks to run a camp for my BIL's youth group.

> May is the last "normal" month for us...June through August bring the big increase in attendance as the tourists flood our's an exciting time to belong to NHC!


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