Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Blitz

> Awesome time of worship this morning. Sermon hit a lot of hearts, communicating God's desire to turn our bitter into better. People were standing and clapping and lifting their hands without any prompting...not that outward expressions are always a sure sign of what's going on inside, but it's great to see freedom in worship.

> Thanks to Camas for filling in on electric guitar today...he's got a very different style and sound than our normal guys, but it fit really well with our song selection today!

> Also great to have Chad H. back from school and leading with us through the summer...he brings some great talent to the stage and give me a chance to sing some more BGVs.

> It's great fun to be able to see more of our nursery team in action now that my daughter is a regular in the infant room...I keep getting reports that she's a great baby, so I guess we'll keep sending her back there.

> Also great to know that my wife is serving in consistent ministry after a few years away due to her health issues...and I don't mind at all being able to ride home with my family after church instead of thumbing for a lift.

> Our church finally got the permit to begin finishing out the Kid Zone area upstairs...just in time too, as our kids from infants to middle school are multiplying like rabbits!

> It was nice to have a snack to munch on during the second worship gathering...hopefully our people will continue to remember that the food we serve on Sunday mornings is more about creating a welcoming atmosphere for our guests than it is providing breakfast for our regular attenders.

> Our last F1RST Wednesday of the year is coming up this week...we're taking a two month break to catch our breath and will be back in September!

> I hear we may have nearly 10 new partners (members) to add to our church in the next few weeks! I love that our church is growing with every age group, and mostly with new believers!

> After a few hours at the YMCA outdoor pool, a nice visit with my girlfriend Rita and a quick nap at my parents' house, it was a great ending to the day to watch the U of Florida's softball team make it to the world series finals by knocking a game-winning grand slam out of the park with two outs in the bottom of the last inning...that's fun stuff!


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