Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday Blitz

> This one's going to be short because I've got a few projects to finish for F1RST Wednesday, tomorrow, night, 6:30!

> Worship was rocking on Sunday! We introduced two new songs...one was a "performance" song that utilized Larry Z. on the sax ("In Christ" by Big Daddy Weave), and the other was an older song, but new to our church that fit perfectly with the message about idolatry ("You Are God Alone" by Billy and Cindy Foote).

> We've got the first coat of paint rolled in the Kid's Zone! It should be ready for use in just a few more weeks!!!

Rock on!


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Andy said...

Both songs were great. I think the band could easily have recorded You are God Alone, the sound, balance, instruments and vocals were great. Billy and Cindy led worship at camp for us a couple of years ago and did an awesome job.