Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Bump) Easter? (Part 1)

So, I'm interested to know how your church does Easter. Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year (as far as church attendance goes) in the US, and most churches tend to pull out all of the stops for this one Sunday.

I'm guessing that we do Easter a little differently than most other churches.

Please, take ten seconds to answer the poll below (which is now closed) by leaving a comment explaining your answer. Then, check out Part 2 for some more discussion!



6 comments: said...

Our Easter "program" isn't as big as Christmas because we put on a big concert the Sunday nite before Christmas. I was talking with our pastor about it. We came to the conclusion the because Easter is on a Sunday and most folks want to be with their families after they go to the regular morning service it hinders having a large event in the evening. And because time is limited on Sunday mornings we usually keep the program similar to our communion service with a little extra time for the arts.

CJolly said...

I love Easter! It was the day that Jesus rose and said to the world, (in a manner of speaking) "In case you had any doubts about who I am...".

Our church on Easter? Songs and message to fit the occasion, and Rick has more chairs to keep straight. Oh yeah, more donuts!

So where are the other five loyal readers?

Max Power said...

We've learned that while most churches have tons of visitors on Easter Sunday, most of them come with no intention of ever coming back (at least until next year!). Bottom line - churches don' grow through their Easter and Christmas services.

We try to give people a taste of what a regular Sunday is like. There's no point blowing their minds with a service quality that you have intention of reproducing for the rest of the year!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We are doing nothing for Easter.

Rhea said...

The church that I attend now normally doesn't treat Easter any differently than any other Sunday.