Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Gallery

Some friends of mine at the Church of the Outer Banks are getting ready to open up The Gallery, a local alternative art gallery featuring the work of local artists. The Gallery also has a stage for small venue concerts and free wi-fi. I'll be checking it out soon...having seen a few things like this before (in other locations), I'm a little skeptical if it will work or not, but it should be interesting either way.



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brunettekoala said...

This is cool! My smallgroup is piloting something not too dissimilar over the next few weeks which we've called 'The Art of Joy'

We've got local artists having their work for display/sale in a converted church building in Edinburgh's Old Town, 30% of all the sales is going to a local charity who are based just along the road. We're also having a few other things art/music related going on, plus doing what we like to think of 'guerilla joy spreading' encouraging people to do random acts of kindness each day.

One person who's actually from North Carolina found us who has a company called 'Spreading Joy'.

CFHusband said...


Let us know how that goes!