Friday, February 29, 2008

This is maybe the coolest New Years idea I've ever seen...doesn't hurt that the website and media are totally professional.

If you check it out, make sure that you watch the videos. This is a friend's church in Wilmington, NC...Wilmington has become the Hollywood of the East Coast, so it's no surprise the videos are so good.

I really hope my church can do something like this next year...too cool.



TerryKM said...

Bad link.

MilePost13 said...

Link fixed.

CJolly said...

Now that this has been up forever, I finally checked it out. (I usually cut straight over to "Confessions").
What a great idea! And you're right, totally professional. Must be a great church. I'm with you, let's do this!

ApplePieMom said...


Off the subject of you blog but on the subject of worship...I was listening to an old WOW cd and heard Nichole Nordman sing "Holy." I think that your sister could totally rock that song!!! (IMHO, of course :)