Friday, February 22, 2008

Worship Fallacies (Part 3)

If you haven't yet, make sure you read Part 1 & Part 2 of this discussion.

Here's some more from the OP:

"I've been leading worship at this particular church as a fill in WL until their regular WL recovers from a surgery. I've only worked with this band for 2-3 weeks... The problem is that this week we have a guest preacher coming in and my pastor wants to scrap out the worship alltogether to give the preacher more time to preach and his wife time to sing a solo song. I've been given 3-5 minutes (maybe). I'm planning to stretch the alloted time out to 10-12 min, give them a full worship experience and face the consequences later (providing we don't get pulled off the stage by the pastor after the first song).
We'll face what may come Sunday morning :)"

I've highlighted a few of the parts that really jumped out to me as especially's very evident that the OP does not trust his/her pastor's judgment and that he/she is planning on usurping his authority. Do you see any problems with the OP's attitude concerning his/her pastor and his/her role at a worship leader?



Anonymous said...

Wow, I was following the same post on another board. Seems you have done some cutting and pasting to support a valid concern with slightly tainted source. Also, I have felt the spirit in but 3 minutes of worship. Good intention but poor execution on both from the origin and the current poster. I thought this was going to be more about the "subject" not those involved.

TerryKM said...
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TerryKM said...

The first thing that came to mind is the lack of respect for the lead pastor's desire in the service, vision, and leadership, and the guy obviously accepted the role without that respect in place.

Respecting the leadership's vision and direction is important; if you can't then you're in the wrong place.

This says something about the temp-worship leader, but it also says a lot the leadership that offered this person the temp-worship leader position.

Hope this doesn't sound too harsh.

Rick Lawrenson said...

There's a major problem with submission on the part of the part-time worship leader. The attitude of "I'm going to do what I think best even though it goes against what I've been instructed, and let the chips fall where they may" has no place in a church where mutual submission is key.

@Anonymous: the subject is attitude. I have no idea who is involved.

CFHusband said...


I've actually cut and pasted in order to keep the persons out of it as much as possible and focus on the issues (although, we can't discuss the issues without revealing something about the person(s)'s character. If you think my cutting and pasting has skewed the OP's original intent, you'll have to explain specifics.

Just to please you, I went back to cut and paste the entire post, but it's been deleted. As another commenter has stated, nobody but those involved in the original conversation know who the OP was, and even those involved in the original conversation have no idea who the OP really is outside of the info he/she gave us...

I'm not saying you can't "feel the spirit" in under 12 minutes.

The subject we're discussing here is leadership and following leadership. If you care to add to the conversation in a constructive way, feel free!