Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moses Graphic

A local artist, Amber Elwood, created an original piece for us to use for our sermon series "The Journey Start to Finish: Tracking the Life of Moses". Below is the process from start to finish...
The first sketch.
The second take and final product.
The conversion from canvas to digital graphic.
This is the first time I've ever worked with another artist to create something like this for our church. The final version is exactly what I pictured in my head when I first talked with Amber...only way better! We'll use this throughout the series as our main graphic. I'm really stoked to have Amber create a few more big stage pieces for us that portray big events in Moses' life!

What do you think?

How does your church embrace the arts and utilize her artists?



Rick Lawrenson said...

It rocks! Thanks Amber!!

ber said...

awe this makes me feel all excited! i am humbled and blessed that i'm getting to be a part of this process and ministry. :]

Rebecca Meyers said...

Very cool! Awesome.

M. Sanchez said...

Wow! Amazing, Great Job Amber!

Andy Lawrenson said...

Sweet! I was wondering what it looked like.
Amber rocks!