Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Songs

Here are a few of the new songs that we've either learned already this new year or are about to learn sometime in the next few months:

"Glory Of It All" - David Crowder Band (just learned this one and using it as our theme song for our Moses series)

"With Everything" - Hillsong (heard this one for the first time a few weeks ago at C3 and am stoked to teach it to our band and worship choir)

"Exalted" - Chris Tomlin (another one that I am stoked to teach to our worship choir)

"Praise The King" - Cindy Morgan (an older song, but one of my favorites...will probably teach this one to the worship choir for Easter)

"Give Love Away" - Exodus (written by a band from Liberty University...very Hillsong United-ish...give it a listen)

What new songs are on your radar for the new year? Or, if you're not actually in the band, what new songs would you like to see your church learn?



Dan said...

we're working on "I will rise" by Chris Tomlin at the moment, and just added "I will lift my eyes" by Bebo Norman a couple weeks ago.

Do people out your way still say "stoked"? I haven't heard that phraseology in a long time, now.

Rick said...

Dan, dude.
We're in a surfing culture here.

CFHusband said...

"stoked" is definitely part of the local lingo.

Not that I've had time to get past my initial thoughts about the "Hello Love" album, I'm going to have to go back and listen to it again and see if anything else (like "I Will Rise") jumps out at me.

BrunetteKoala said...

There is a really simple but great song we've been singing by a guy called Andrew Howie.

'We Love You Lord' - Calamateur

God in my living/Be My Everything - Tim Hughes

Almighty One - by Neil Costley (a member of our church)

Because of your love - Al Gordon (which I'll be sinigng for the first time this Sunday)