Saturday, August 18, 2007

First Impressions #1: The "bible" of Greeting Teams

(Before reading this post and jumping in on the conversation, please check out the explanation of the First Imressions Series I posted on Read Here First! on July 10, will help you understand a little more. Thanks!)

First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences In Your Church is the best resource for creating and growing a greeting team ministry. The top reasons for reading this book yesterday...

> "Before the message has been given or the songs have been sung, your guests have formed opinions of your church based on their first impressions."
> "I am a consumer. So are you. So is every individual who enters your church." Before people explore the claims of Christ, "they are shopping for a spiritual experience that addresses their personal needs."
>The other Christ-centered churches in town are not your competition. "Your competition, the rival that will keep people away from your church, is any business, service, or experience your guests have encountered in the past few weeks. The competition includes restaurants, malls, golf courses, and amusement parks...The competition for your guests began when they were wowed in another environment."
> "If our guests can't say, 'Wow! I'm impressed!' within their first ten minutes on campus, then we've failed."


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