Thursday, August 9, 2007

Music Videos #1: August 5, 2007

(Before reading this post and jumping in on the conversation, please check out the explanation of the Music Video Series I posted on Read Here First! on July 10, will help you understand a little more. Thanks!)

Here is video of our entire setlist from this past Sunday as posted on We set the camera up last minute because our missionaries from France who are in town wanted to take some video of us back home to show their band/church. Quality's not the greatest, and you'll here our last-minute camera-man Buddy singing slightly off-pitch in the background a few times, but whatever... I was glad that we recorded this because we had several comment that this was an awesome Sunday. This video is actually of our second service, although I thought that the first service was a little more "with it". ;) Enjoy!


Made To Worship

All To You

From The Inside Out

One Pure And Holy Passion

Let The Praises Ring

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