Monday, June 9, 2008

NHC This Sunday

Father's day is a big deal for us at NHC. The family and the church rises and falls on the character and guts of men, especially dads.

Does your church celebrate Father's Day? Why or why not?



Jen said...

Hi Nate, I can't comment on CFHusband as I don't have blogger, but really wanted to let you know that I am back on my face before the Lord for you. And I had just made it up to my knees from the last time. :)

McLeod Family said...

We have the men sing at our church it is really awesome! We are praying for you here in Winston-Salem.

Anonymous said...

Praying today for good results. I can't comment as I do not remember my password on blogger and it won't let me log on. Many many prayers from Texas. I commented on Megans blog. God Bless you all,

Apple said...

I have never been to a church that puts quite as much emphasis on the man/father/husband as this church does. And I think it's fantastic.

Andy's sermon in the middle of the the Gear Up series was right on and it makes my heart so glad for the future of my family and my children.