Friday, June 13, 2008

Worship Leader Application

A good friend emailed me recently, asking for my input on an application he's putting together as his church begins searching to fill their new worship leader staff position. He had some good questions, some vague questions, and some questions that I thought could be saved for a secondary face-to-face/phone interview.

I've filled out three applications in my brief worship leading "career" (none recently, if you're worried). Some of the questions were great, while others were not so great (IMHO). Anyway, I'm just wondering, what kind of questions do you think should be on an initial application? What kind of questions have you seen that you thought were really good. From your position as a pastor, worship leader, staff member, or lay person, what do you think?

For that matter, what are some of the questions that you thought wasted space and time?

Get the discussion going. Make sure you tell us why you think the way you think about certain questions. Remember that we're talking about the initial application, on paper.



PS...I've suddenly realized that this blog is incredibly ugly, so I'll be working on that over the weekend while I hang with my wife in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

I think, as a worship team member and ex youth worship leader that some good questions to ask would be those regarding how a worship leader would react in certain situations.

Yes it is somewhat about talent, but more about their heart, and how they work with others. First and foremost, the questions should be asked about what God has been teaching/showing them lately. Someone who is in a daily walk with the Lord, and close to Him will know what God has been showing them lately. Other good questions would include about other areas of the church they have served in, how they plan to "run" the worship teams, and the importance of the Holy Spirit in worship.

Just my thoughts :)

SarahBearah from Worship Frequency

speckledpup said...

the best worship leader I ever played/sang with was not a great singer herself. She was not a musician at all. But she knew how to lead the masses into worship and when they got there to let them worship a while and not be bothered with what the next song was on the list. And when God showed up, to just step aside and let him control the service.
I don;t know how you ask that question in an interview...
but it's the most important.
I've worked with guys who were GREAGT musicians...singers... but had no feeling for how to lead into worship.
I guess you could ask about their private worship time and how it goes. That's very revealing.