Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Blitz

> Today was sweet! Only my third Sunday in the past six months at NHC, but one of the best in my two years there.

> My guitar sounds so good! Especially compared to my old Ventura. Several people noticed the difference as well. It was very cool getting to show our church family the gift (money to buy the guitar) they had given to me on my one year anniversary over a year ago.

> Speaking of which, two Sundays ago was my two year anniversary at NHC! I'm praying that these two year are just the beginning for us here. We love our church!

> It's hard to figure out the attendance pattern in the summer. One week we're packed in both gatherings, the next the first is packed while the second has several empty seats, and the next might be the opposite. Our favorite is when both are packed and people come to church already worshipping, ready to experience something special. We finally stopped trying to figure it out and decided to just go with the flow.

> That having been said, despite the unpacked house today, both gatherings were ready to worship! The last song ("I Stand Amazed") was especially cool...I love it when the band/vocalists drops out and lets the church fill the auditorium...very cool...

> We introduced Fee's "Glorious One" today for the first time...people seemed to dig it, so I guess we'll keep it around.

> First Hukilau Surf Camp of the summer this Saturday!

> We pulled out a boy band song today...actually, we played a song without the keys and female vocals, which means it was just the guys on stage for one song. Lot's of manly sweat and guitars. "Grunt!"

> I'm pretty tired, being a new parent and all, so that's about all I can think about right now. Here's hoping I won't miss any more Sundays for a very long time!


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