Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More NHC Graphics

Since at least one person showed interest in our in-house graphics, here are a few more from our past few sermon series.

"Regeneration Renovation" was all about renovating our lives from the inside out. We stole the graphic concept from HGTV's "Generation Renovation".

"Challenge The Ordinary" took a look at some of the stories from the life of Daniel and challenged us to live extraordinary lives. Bought the stick figures graphic from

"Urgency: Live Like There's No Tomorrow" took a look at four of Jesus' parables. Again, bought the hourglass graphic from

I know they're nothing spectacular, but I'm getting a lot better at this as we move along. Amazingly enough, I did all of these using PPT...I'm hoping to buy a more suitable graphics software sometime soon. :)


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