Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Blitz

(I'm writing this on Monday morning, but I'll pretend like it's still Sunday...)

> We showed two of our ToT Commercials this morning...they were big hits. Hopefully their helping to create even more buzz about ToT.

> Today's gatherings were all about (Love Is) More Than A Feeling. Good stuff.

> The kids were going crazy in the second gathering. From the auditorium, it sounded like they were on a roller coaster...that's awesome!

> Had lunch with my parents and sister, Sarah and bro-in-law,'s his birthday tomorrow. He's really old.

> The Skins looked horrible (I only watched the 4th quarter), but the cowgirls lost, so it was an OK day.

> The Rockies are freaking unbelievable...seriously, to think about what they've done over the past 20 games is mind-blowing. They are going to the WS and are going to be hard to beat by anyone.

> Our future office space/present Kid's Church area is almost complete. The only major thing left to do is install the drop ceiling. Did I mention the Kids were crazy today?

> The band may have a real "green room" within the next few weeks, which would really be sweet!

> I saw several new faces yesterday, and got to talk with a young couple named Melissa and Bryan (I think that's right) who were checking us out for the first time. She gave me a hug after the gathering 'cause she was so stoked about finding us!

> I am finalizing my ToT costume this week. Here's a hint: I'm going to be a superhero, and I'm growing my hair and facial hair out for it...

> "My Savior My God" by Aaron Shust has become one of our favorite songs to sing...

> I have to go now.



Pat Dryburgh said...

i really liked the videos, man. the one with you was the best. your timing was perfect.

seriously though, the idea is awesome. i wish i could come down and check it out.

i'll talk to you soon, man.


MilePost13 said...

Thanks dude! That's my sister and bro-in-law in the others...they have the acting experience.

Tom said...

Hey Nate,

I want to let you know that your sharing of yourself and ministry online for us to read about etc is a real blessing to me! Thanks for doing that and being open.


MilePost13 said...


Pat Dryburgh said...

oh, we do hallowe'en
in the snow!
for real.