Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> Our communion gatherings the past three months have been most excellent. It's so cool to have everyone set up around tables in the worship center for both communion/worship and the fellowship meal.

> I can't say enough about our band and tech teams and they're ability and willingness to be so prepared for our worship gatherings even when I'm gone for most of the week! It's great to know that it doesn't depend on me!

> I signed up for Google Reader and Google Analytics this week. (I realize this is probably nothing new to you, but...) Google Reader allows me to keep track of the blogs I read a whole lot easier, and Analytics keeps good stats on who's checking me out. I had a guest from Iran check me out this week... :)

> We simplified things tonight, musically...just me, Josh on bass and Chris on drums. It was a cool, mellow groove. And, it's so cool to be able to play with musicians who can do stuff on the fly.

> I love October baseball! The phillies are going home where they belong - Great! The Cubs are waiting 'til next year again - bad! The Sox move on - good! The Yankees are probably going home - GREAT! I think the Sox are on their way to another championship, which is cool with me. I just wish there wasn't so many brooms...

> I think almost every person in the building tonight had their hands raised and their voices singing "Jesus Paid It All" tonight...that was very cool.

> Skins win again! I didn't get to watch a single minute of the game (or any other game for that matter), but that's cool.

> God is good. He continues to provide for our needs during Our Transition, and from the most unexpected places (which is how He likes to do things, I'm coming to learn).

> Got to hang with my family tonight after our communion gathering. It's super cool that both of my sisters are married to Godly guys and that everyone lives here int town. (It's cool that the out-laws live close by too.)

> I'm putting some thoughts and ideas together for Oct. 21 when I'll be leading our worship gatherings and talking about worship.

> Trunk or Treat is going to be lots of fun. We're thinking we may attract well above our goal of 600. It's not too late to plan your own ToT event! I'm stoked about my costume and trunk!

> My voice and guitar skills are suffering from missing Thursday night practices...I was actually losing my voice this morning, and I wasn't even singing that much.

> I have to head out to Durham again tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed. Later.



Steve said...

Sounds like a great day, Nate.

This week was the debut of our worship choir, and they did a great job; you could feel the energy level in the congregation rise. One of the younger guys worshiping near the front of the church was so praise-ful that he did two backflips at the end of one of the songs! Oh my gosh.

We had a similar response from our congregation in singing one of the old hymns--the Old Rugged Cross, led by the worship choir with soloist leading vs. 3. I was running sound and noticed some folks (mostly men) who are usually pretty reserved who were just lost in expressing their love to Jesus. I thought the roof would lift from the volume of singing.

Well, my Sox are doing mighty fine at the moment. Too bad about the Cubbies, though. I thought this year was going to be their turn....Pats vs. Cowboys next Sunday looks like it'll be a doozy!


MilePost13 said...

that's awesome! If I was spending more time at home right now, we'd be doing more with our worship choir...they always rock the house and add so much to our gatherings.

I'm pulling for the Sox. Seems to me they're the toughest to beat right now. But, as long as the yankees get beat at some point, I'll be happy.

Steve said...

As the bumper sticker says around here:

"I root for two teams. The Red Sox, and anyone who beats the Yankees"