Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> So, I taught for the first time ever on a Sunday morning today. I feel very good about it. Thanks to those who took the time to not just tell me "good job" but to give me some honest feedback!

> Here's the video I used to set it all up message was titled "Worship: It's That Important"

> Totally caught Chris (our drummer) by surprise when I showed a clip during our worship gatherings from his MTV music video from 27 years ago. :D I'll post it on youtube ASAP cause it's flippin sweet!

> Skins just won!

> I've got a headache...not enough water last night/this morning combined with the extra energy I lost by leading worship and teaching.

> Our band rocks! They sat up on stage for the entirety of both gatherings, staring at the back of my head...

> We are so stoked about TRUNKorTREAT! It's going to be our biggest local outreach event ever!

> Nothing better than a baseball game 7 in late October! Can the BoSox do it again?

> My bro-in-law, Ramon totally came through this morning by hanging out on the stage with us and reading all of the Scripture I used during my teaching time. Gave it a very fresh and narative feel...thanks, dude!

> I'll post some stuff from my message today later in the week for some discussion time. Thanks to all who participated in the Personal Preferences Discussion! I used some of your thoughts today.

> Thanks to all of our church family who have been making us care packages for our travels back and forth to Durham. We love you all!

> Peace out!


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