Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sick People

Having dealt with this exact same issue (played out in a very different way) just this past week in blog land, I hope that THIS isn't true (although, it completely appears that it is). If it is, I am, once again, disgusted that people could do this type of thing.

My wife is dealing with cancer (along with several other very real, and very life-threatening health issues). Stories like Michael Guglielmucci (author of the song "Healer") are amazing, which is why, if it turns out to all be a lie, they're incredibly detrimental.

I first heard of his song "Healer" probably 6 months ago while my wife and daughter were both in the hospital. Several people sent me links to the lyrics and/or recording, thinking that I would find something special about it. I admit, it's a good song, but, for whatever reason, I never really gave it much notice. Maybe it's just my personality, or maybe it was God trying to protect me from even greater disappointment. Either way, I'm thankful that, other than being frustrated at what this guy has done in the Christian and Cancer communities, I have no real personal investment in this.

Unfortunately, thousands of believers do (have a personal investment), and I pray that Michael's confession of his lies will not cause those who found great comfort and strength through his song to doubt God or those of us who are affected by cancer...



Fred F. McKinnon said...

My wife is a leukemia survivor, I can somewhat identify, though not at the level you've experienced.

Hope you'll pardon the scattered thoughts and some copy/paste commenting ... I'm trying to comment on some of these blogs that have linked back to my own. Much has transpired today, I've spent a good bit of time in prayer and worship, thinking of this situation.

Overall, it's disappointing. By the end of the day, I start wondering if Mike wasn't delusional at this point - I mean, I've watched that video over and over the past months. Even knowing the hoax, I still watch it and identify so strongly. I typically have a high level of discernment, yet I watch and it seems so authentic. Maybe he really was believing this lie, or part of him.

The song - I still love it, though it's somewhat tainted with this tragic revelation. But, God wasn't surprised. Maybe He knew ... Maybe He knew that we, the Church, needed this song. Maybe THAT's WHY his favor seemed to rest on that song so strongly. Maybe it's a reminder that God can (and will) use any vessel to communicate ... even the weak, or people and ways that confound the wise and religious.

Many, many questions. I'm sad, disappointed, but in the end .... I BELIEVE YOU'RE MY HEALER. I BELIEVE YOU ARE ALL I NEED. AMEN.

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Paul J. said...

I tend to be a cynical person, and the first time I saw the video/heard the song, I had a problem with it. The oxygen line bugged me...why do that? It just seemed a bit showy or manipulative. And the song just didn't do much for me.
I do feel for the churches that have already invested so much in this song...some even showing the video in their worship services.
And I have to wonder...was his next step going to be a "healing"?

MilePost13 said...

I agree Paul. The oxygen threw me off to (in the video)...when my wife got to the point of needing oxygen, she couldn't move from the bed to the couch with stopping for a break.

But, who am I to doubt...

Kimberly said...

I try to always just look at these things as God's way of reminding us not to put our faith/trust/hope in the person delivering the message, but only in the message and promise from Him. The words of the song are inspiring and faith-bolstering, but the man delivering them is just a man after all.

I feel so sad for this man, and the others that perpetrate these types of frauds. Yes, my first response is anger at being deceived and hurt if I have been. Then, I think to myself - now just how messed up do you have to be to do something like this? you know???

I mean really - talk about flat out inviting the wrath of God down upon yourself... the people who have had their faith shaken because of your lies you know?? -- I sure wouldn't want that on my page in the Book of Life!!

Jacoline said...

I don't understand why this guy wanted all the attention...maybe when you are so stuck in lies you are going to believe your own lies in the end. Not sure. Rahel said on the Freq facebook page that some people from her church saw him perform 'Healer' crying and broken... Rahel almost didn't believe it wasn't true...

I just don't understand how people can do this to other people who go through these circumstances but then in REAL.

I never heard the's on my ipod, but never listened to it.
The best thing we can do is just pray for Mike.

Thom said...

Yes, let us pray for Mike. He IS sick and needs healing. From what they report, he is seeking "help" for this sickness. Whether he was found out or came foward of his own free will, he has begun his journey to recovery. He needs our prayers; his wife and children need our prayers (and sympathy). I thank the church (the body of Christ) for being a body of love and compassion, of mercy and grace.

Rick Lawrenson said...

He's "seeking professional help". Maybe if he just confessed and repented then found a new career...

Thom said...

sure would be something to see him make a come back out of all this.

on a serious note, though, not addressing the reason why he did this would be shame. If he is truly seeking counsel on this, that is only good. If not, at least many others will be put at ease believing that steps are being taken to change this man.