Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday Blitz

> Worship was incredible this Sunday, especially during the first gathering. Normally, the worship is usually at it's peak near the end of the gathering, but this Sunday, especially at 9, we were peaking during the third song about 20 minutes in and kept it going through the message and into the last few songs. I didn't even really sing much there for a while, I was so caught up in the moment and in awe of being a part of a church who gets IT!

> It's also great to be a part of a band of musicians who can "hit a curve ball", as our pastor described it. One of our lead vocalists decided, without realizing it, to reverse the order of two of our songs during the second gathering...fortunately, we were playing the songs back to back without any break, and both were in the same time and key...we adjusted without a hitch (giving the band leader a mic that only the band can hear so you can tell them how to adjust doesn't hurt), and nobody but us and our pastor realized what was going on.

> Started a new, 3-week series to gear up for our upcoming 40 Days Of Prayer. If you're a partner or attender of NHC, check out The Blog and jump in on the upcoming discussions!

> The Willow Creek Leadership Summit was incredibly good this past week! I had to miss the final two sessions of day two, and there were two sessions that just didn't do anything for me, but overall it was a great experience and something that I hope the lay leaders we took can use to improve themselves and the teams they lead. When I get some time (maybe IF), I'll post some of my notes/highlights from the conference.

> We're stoked about playing at the Watermelon Festival this Thursday! I'll be posting more about this later, but please, pray with us that the weather is as nice then as it is today...breeze off the ocean and partly cloudy. Playing outside is only fun if you're not melting or freezing.

> Operation Backpack was totally sweet! From what I remember, we had 40 people show up to help out, and we served nearly 40 local families (about 125 kids) as well as about 140 kids in Helene Honduras (sending supplies there in a few weeks). We also had a ton of stuff left over that is going to Social Services tomorrow for those who weren't even fortunate enough to have a vehicle to ride to our church on Saturday. Another example of people getting IT!

> Our biggest crowd of the summer this past Sunday, and we're expecting the same this Sunday...it seems a lot of families like to take their beach vacations just before school begins, which is totally cool with us. It's a great way to end the summer with a bang!

You were almost in the minority on stage this Sunday if you had hair on the top of your head. Buddy (above left) is always hairless, and Rich (right) and I joined him (in support of My Wife who is undergoing chemo and losing her hair).

> Speaking of Rich...it was his last Sunday with us as he (and several other students) heads to college this week. He's getting married next spring, and he says he'll be too busy to play much with us after this, but we'll see...

> We miss you, Chad H.!

Have a great week!



Rick Lawrenson said...
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Rick Lawrenson said...

"lay" as in "lay leaders" - a foreign term at NHC. Ranks up there with "committee" and "business meeting".

We have no laity/clergy separation.

It's hard taking the baptist out of that boy...

Thom said...

the operation backpack sounds like really good stuff! sorry i was so short on the phone, i was a little pre-occupied. Congrats on the new hairdo! (or unhairdo?)

Andy Lawrenson said...

You guys look like some sort of bald wrestling team