Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday Blitz

> Finished up our "What If?" series with a great message about loving the world. If it were up to me, we'd preach that same message (or something like it) just about every Sunday (and we still wouldn't completely get it)...

> This was Chad H's last Sunday with us (starting his first of Law School at LU). He joined the band a little over a year ago and has been singing and playing the acoustic with us just about every Sunday since. It's always a little scary adding new people to the band, because you never know exactly how it will work out, but Chad was a great addition and will be hugely missed.

> Speaking of which, we've had a lot of interest from new people in joining the band, and I have had and will be having a few auditions this summer. It's exciting that people want to use their gifts in this leadership role, and also a little scary when you have to say "no".

> August is going to be my busiest month of the year. Lots going on, and lots to plan and prepare for coming up in the next few months. I'll definitely earn my keep this month... :)

> Just a few more weeks of huge crowds and then we're back to "normal". We love the summer and the rush and craziness it brings...keeps us on our toes. But, the end of August come just in time to help us keep our sanity.

> We're super stoked about Operation Backpack this Saturday!!! We've been collecting school supplies all summer, and this Saturday morning, we'll be turning our church auditorium into a distribution center, welcome local families to swing by and pick up whatever they need to help their kids in the coming school year.

> If you missed it, the Washington Redskins proved again why they are the most valuable and loved team in the NFL this past weekend by having three former players/coaches inducted into the Hall of Fame before defeating the Colts in the Hall of Fame Game (the traditional opening game of the NFL pre-season). And, it looks like we may have a bit of a quarterback competition, which is exciting...

> Me and four of our pastors and a few others from the church (yeah, I know it's bad grammar) will be hanging out in VA Beach later this week, attending Willow Creek's Leadership Summit via a satellite site at Spring Branch Community Church. Having attended the Summit a few years ago, I'm looking forward to an awesome few days of vision-casting.

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