Saturday, September 1, 2007

Discussion #5: Distractions in Worship

This discussion stems from a few developing threads over at

The Scenario: A smaller church; A contemporary worship style; A woman who sings with lots of volume and heavy vibrato, and who has told the worship leader that she knows everything about worship; Lot’s of regular attenders in the congregation who find this woman to be distracting during worship, so much so that few want to sit near her.

The Question: How do you decide that her worship is too distracting to others? And how would you handle it if it was?

My advice was pretty straight forward…as worship leaders, pastors, etc., part of our responsibility is to help limit distractions that may keep people from participating in our corporate worship times, no matter if those distractions are coming from the stage or the congregation. There are always exceptions, but this specific example is a great opportunity to teach somebody about corporate worship, about being sensitive to those around us.

I seem to be in the minority with my thoughts about this issue. What say ye?



MilePost13 said...

Apparently I am definitely in the minority... :)

Anonymous said...

David and Michal...
Woman who washed Jesus' feet and the disciples/Simon the leper...

Sincerity trumps distraction

CFHusband said...


You're going to have to clarify, because, honestly, I'm not sure how that relates to this discussion. Thanks!