Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunday Morning Questions #1

Here are some questions that our staff/elders are currently asking oursleves. We have asked many of these questions before, but we're a church in transition, and it's never a bad thing to ask them again. Out of these questions, we'll be asking some more questions and looking at making some changes.

> What is the purpose of our Sunday mornings (which of NHC’s 5 purposes should this fulfill)?

> Are we achieving our purpose?

> Who is our target audience (who do we want to reach? – describe this person)?

> Are we reaching our target audience?

> What is our objective (what is the desired response, short and long-term)?

> Are we seeing the fruit of this response?

> What are our values (what do we want it to look, sound, feel like - concerning music, sermon, lighting, time, atmosphere, etc)?

> Are we coming short with any of our values, and what can we do about it?

> What are the elements that we want to include every week (prayer, singing, etc.)?

> Are there any elements that we are not including but would like to?

I understand that some of these questions may appear a little surface, but as I said, hopefully these questions will lead to something deeper.

Have you ever asked these or similar questions of your church? How would you respond?


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