Monday, September 3, 2007

Music Review: Jackson Waters "Come Undone"

Hailing from Arkansas, Jackson Waters is a mix of Third Day southern rock and the alternative rock sound of Building 429. And, while you may think the last thing we need is another one of "those" bands, these guys are actually a cut above the usual new-kid-on-the-block sound. From what I can tell, this is their first release with a major record company. (I did some listening on iTunes, and they've made HUGE leaps since their 2004 release, "All That I Know".)

It usually takes a lot to get me interested in a new group, and this group apparently has got "it" for me, because I was thoroughly impressed from the first listen, and they've been the most played group on my iPod over the past month. From listening to their 2004 release, it seems that much of their musical "maturity" has been helped along by some good producing, but good music is good music. Solid guitar riffs and licks, friendly melodic hooks, strong vocals, and enough musical diversity among the album’s 11 tracks keep this project interesting from start to finish.

The overall message of the album is basically one of encouraging dependency on God. Not that any of the songs have a weak message, but I’m always looking for something new. This may be the only weakness of this album, but I’m hoping that they’ll get another chance to do more. While “Give Me Amazing Grace” may be the standout track, I really can’t identify any song as being a filler. If these guys can get some serious radio play, I think they’ve got the musical and lyrical abilities to be something big. I hope they are, because I’d love to hear some more!


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