Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> This morning was great! Pastor Tom did a great job talking about the arts and relating it to the Artist of the universe and our lives. GREAT audio file he found somewhere of some dude telling the creation story!

> I've been inspired by Tom's "Arts" sermon...more to come soon!

> I am tired...this back and forth thing to Durham may sound like a picnic, but it's draining.

> The METS are a HUGE disappointment...worst late-season collapse in MLB history. Curse the phillies...

> Our church picnics are the best ever, every time, and today was no exception! Today included time spent playing football, soccer and softball (Chad tried to kill me on the softball field...I may have to amputate my left pinky finger).

> When I asked my friend (yeah, we've never met outside of the internet, but I like him and I'm sure he'd like me if we did meet) Gary Lamb the other day why he doesn't allow comments on his blog, he told me it's because he'd get non-stop comments from people who hate him and his church. I'm kinda jealous...

> I somehow managed to get all of the boring NFL games on TV Payton, no Favre.

> is up and running! I really hope we're still around for this!

> Softballs are NOT soft... (did I mention Chad tried to kill me?)

> I've been asked to "lead" (which I guess means I've not been asked to "preach", which is cool with me cause I'm not a preacher) our worship services on October 21. We're going through a series that's all about vision, and that Sunday will be all about worship. My brain is turning with some creative ways of communicating Biblical worship.

> This giants/eagles game is the most dull football ever...

That's all for now.