Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Blitz

- Sunday mornings over the past two months have included some of the most honest and and free times of worship I've ever been a part of at any church.

- This Sunday morning was no exception. Two new songs (yeah, we've done that several times 'cause that's how we roll), "Kingdom Come" by Hillsong United (Buddy's a beast on the electric guitar) and "At the Cross" by Pocket Full of Rocks (Bonnie's a beast on the keys) really added a lot.

- What does one church with 275 in attendance do with 300+ doughnuts? Eat all we can in the morning, eat some more during NHCU in the afternoon, send some to the firestation, put some in the fridge for First Appointment in the morning, freeze some for a doughnut drought. (Thanks to Grits Grill for the doughnuts every week)

- Pray for Kevin Everett, footballer for Buffalo...just came out of surgery for a spinal injury...doesn't look good.

- Next week begins a new series with a promise during the service from our lead pastor that he'll be doing some very different things...wish he'd discuss that with his worship leader sometime...

- Redskins won today (still waiting to see the highlights). Eagles lost (have seen the highlights 3 times now). Cowgirls and giants playing each other right least one will lose.

- Taught NHCU Discovering Magnification today. Had 23 "students", which is HUGE. Got off to a rocky start because of some technical glitches (seriously), and never felt totally comfortable the entire 4 hours. But, God can work through my poo.

- My tongue gets swollen every time I teach NHCU...I don't talk much on average, and talking for 3+ hours makes my tongue swell. I'm not kidding. Don't ask me why.

- I've received two encouraging emails from my church family in the past hour. That's so appreciated, especially after a long, draining day like today. You guys ROCK.

- Traveling to Durham again on Tuesday morning. Should be back on Thursday. Doing some video/movie editing stuff for my bro-in-law while I'm there.

- I hope Bonnie doesn't mind me calling her a beast...I think she'll understand.



higgie07 said...

If you like the Redskins then you are even cooler than I previously thought.

MilePost13 said...

Hail to the Redskins!

higgie07 said...

The only thing better than the Redskins the Redskins winning on the same day the Eagles lose. :)