Friday, December 14, 2007

About Me

A few things about me (questions asked by a poster at

1) What are your roles in your WT?

I'm basically in charge of everything, although one of my greatest responsibilities is empowering others to be involved and even lead in ministry so that it's all about the ministry and the team and not about me. I organize, create, research, etc. for the band. I lead our practices and worship gatherings. Lot's of other things, but that would take too long to write or read.

2) Do you play an instrument and for how long?

I've been playing the acoustic guitar for about 10 years.

3) How long have you been involved a part of a worship team in general?

I've been involved in consistantly leading worship in a local church setting for about 12 years.

4) How long have you been leading worship?

I consider this and the last question to be the same...

5) What are your strengths and weakness as a leader?

I'm very good at getting people involved in and excited about ministry, working with others, being creative and accomplishing short term projects. I'm very bad at long term projects, anything that has to do with organizing paper-work, music theory and keeping my legs still.

6) How many members in your WT?

We have about 12 in the band(s) (musicians and vocalists), two audio techs and four video techs.

7) Is your church big or small?

That's relative. We're big for our area, but about average on a national scale. We currectly have about 150 members but average over 300 in attendance year-round.

8) What songs are most popular in your church right now?

It's hard to tell. Our people basically love anything we use, and we don't have a local Christian radio station (praise God), so nobody has much of a biased taste. We do a lot of Chris Tomlin, some Lincoln Brewster and Hillsong United and other stuff. We're always looking for new stuff.

9) How do you go about preparing for a service (picking out music, deciding how it will flow, etc.)

I try to keep it pretty simple. We believe that the primary goal of our corporate worship gatherings is to worship God, and we believe that everything we think, say and do can and should be an act of worship, including every element of our Sunday mornings gatherings. We prioritize having a flow in our gatherings (no dead time, easy transitions from one element to the next, no "fluff") and focusing on a main theme/point each week, so everything basically evolves from our priorities.

10) What region are you from?

I was born in VA, US, but have spent most of my life here on the OBX of NC.

11) And if there is any other info you want to share about yourself such as worship style or your idea about worship etc.

Feel free to look around this blog, and you'll figure out what I'm all about.


This is what I looked like 20 seconds ago...

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