Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> This morning was very strange. The first gathering was very mellow, which is somewhat normal. But the second gathering is always more awake, except for today. Maybe it was the few Christmas songs.

> My dad and I are watching "Troy"...definitely one of my favorite movies. Awesome fight scenes.

> The Skins are pitiful. I love Joe Gibbs, but what a bone-head.

> It's so nice to have the secret of Tricia's pregnancy out. It's even nicer to have a church family who loves us.

> The Christmas Communion Gathering tonight was crazy. About 200 people came, about 50 more than we've ever had. I love our church!

> I also love leading musical worship at our communion gatherings...we usually go a little more acoustic, so the sound is different than normal, which is fun for us musician types.

> The Ornament Video went over well with the ladies in the know. Ladies like cheese.

> The food tonight was excellent. I always miss out though, because I never eat much 'cause I'm always singing.

> I love worshipping with Christmas music!

> We're hitting some tough stuff on Sunday mornings recently. I pray we're putting it into practice.

> Did I mention my wife is pregnant?

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Fred McKinnon said...

Congrats, Dad!

MilePost13 said...


higgie07 said...
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higgie07 said...

Congratulations to you and your wife. I pray things will continue to go as well as possible with the pregnancy.

So WHAT is the deal with the Redskins?! Joe Gibbs IS a bonehead. I mean, I know they were probably off a bit because of losing Sean Taylor, but jeez! Leave it to the Redskins to blow the lead in the last 30 seconds. To make things worse, our worship leader is from Buffalo, so he was harassing me via email yesterday. Arrgh.

MilePost13 said...