Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Rick Lawrenson said...

You've got two Wave cafe slides in a row, one old, one Christmas. I guess we do need some coffee and donuts.

Jim in MO said...

found your blog via I enjoy your posts. The band doing Everlasting God is good, and it brings up a discussion point. What should the slides be doing during a guitar solo????? As far as the announcements, I was getting used to the words BIG LOBBY in all the slides, and I'm surprised it didn't say 'Turn of Cell Phones and Pagers when you enter the Big Lobby' ;)
appreciate what you do, hope to read more.
Jim (coxster) Cox
South Haven Baptist Church
Springfield MO

ps. my kids don't wanna see the compass flick, don't want to offend God.

MilePost13 said...

concerning the slides during a solo. As you can see from the video, we either ues a motion background that matches the energy level of the song, or we go to a black screen...just depends on the song and the desired affect.

We beleive that guitar solos are just as much a part of worship and worship leading as singing. We occasionally remind people on Sunday morning that the musical parts of our songs are an opportunity for the band to worship with their instruments, and for the congregation to worship in whateve way they want.