Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Blitz

> Numbers were low this morning. Or maybe, so many people are sitting at the tables that it seems emptier? Either way, people seemed more engaged than last week, which is good.

> Long day...some of the band got together tonight to play at a youth event at the church. Fun, but it made for a long day for me. I never even made it home this afternoon.

> My new favorite church song is Hillsong United's "Kingdom Come". If you haven't tried this one out at your church, you need to give it a look/listen. So much fun to play and sing.

> Looking forward to going back to Durham and seeing my wife and tomorrow. Left her up there this weekend...her mom went up and stayed with her. She probably won't be back on the beach until after the baby's here.

> I'll probably only be home for a few more weekends, if that, until I'll be spending more of my time with Tricia in Durham. Not looking forward to being away from work and our church family and leading worship with the band, but I am looking forward to the break from the stress of Sundays and being with Tricia.

> Thanks to the people who nearly every week give us care packages and gas money. We love our church family!

> Speaking of our church family, we talked this morning about the importance of belonging to a home church...I can't imagine what our lives would be like right now without ours.

> I'm really getting frustrated with ProPresenter...I don't know if it's just our copy or what, but we seem to have way to many bugs.

> I've been taking a little bashing in a few different places concerning my opinions about "The Golden Compass" and my anti-boycotting. Bring it on!

> My friends over at C3 Church are moving into their new building and will be celebrating their first services there the Sunday before Christmas. I'm really excited for them and about getting to see it in action. It's a lot like our building, only a whole lot bigger.

> Our Youth Pastor (also my uncle) bought a Mac this week. I should seriously be making commission from Apple...I've had a hand in about 6 Mac purchases over the past year.

That's all for now.



Steve said...

I found Golden Compass the movie to pretty much have no anti spiritual meanings in it. I know the book had it, but if anything, I kind of thought the movie embraced sprituality and such.

Max Power said...

Did anybody else notice that Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig starred together in back-to-back movies that both bombed ("The Golden Compass" and "The Invasion")?

Clearly Nicole Kidman is being punished by God for luring Will Farrell into "Bewitched".