Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The CALL Graphics

Every February, our church hosts a big youth event called The CALL. 300 students and adults is "big" for our area. Anyway, here are some graphics for this year's event:


Postcard Front

Postcard Back



Pat Dryburgh said...

Hey Bro,

My buddy Travis Doucette is part of Exodus. He's the keys/vocalist. Give him a great big hug for me!


MilePost13 said...

will do. I may not be here, though. Our band was originally supposed to play, but with everything going on with my wife, it was too risky to bet on me being here, so we're going with Exodus. I do'nt know any of the band now, but I was friends with the kids who were on it about 5 years ago.

Dan said...

Great graphics, but why the line "the only purpose driven student conference"? Isn't that a little "churchy"? Or is this part of a network or something?

MilePost13 said...

the conference is geared toward spiritual growth/discipleship. It's targeted toward churched students and youth leaders. That one line won't appeal to any youth, but it has brought a lot of attention from youth leaders. We are a PD church, and the strategy of the conference focuses on one of our five purpose every year...a student who comes for 5 years (and many do) will get the big picture.