Monday, November 12, 2007


This is perhaps one of the funniest stories in the history of the world. If you've ever heard that horribly bad version of "O Holy Night" that has been floating arround the internet for a few years, you must take the time to check this out. Give yourself a good 20 minutes to read some of the older posts to get the full back-story, but I promise you it's well worth it. "Funny" is an understatement.



Fred McKinnon said...

Nathan -

Thanks for sharing it .. I have to agree, it's one of the funniest things I've been a part of. Hope you saw Part 3 today, and looking forward to Parts 4 and 5!


MilePost13 said...

no problem. I expect the same from you when something of this magnitude happens to me.

Tom said...

Well I just listened to this just before logging off for bed. Now I am certain that nightmares will ensue!

Thanks Nate!! LOL